Europe 2018: The Rhine and Danube Rivers

On May 21, 2018 we flew to Amsterdam, one of our favorite European cities. We spent 5 days exploring the city and then on the 27th boarded a river boat to float the Rhine River, transfer to the Main River and via canal enter the Danube until we arrived at Budapest. We flew home from Budapest on June 11. You may be interested in some of our photos and comments that appear in the following 2 links.

The Rhine and Main River

Down the Danube to Budapest

Trip to Scandinavia

From June 28th to July 17th, we traveled to several countries in Scandinavia. In the course of 16 days, we traveled from Norway, Denmark, Poland, Germany, Estonia, Russia, Finland and Sweden on a Viking ocean liner with 1000 other people.

We published 3 links with pictures and text using Spark Video Templates and they while we sent them to many of our friends, the links are also listed below:

New Zealand

From March 11, 2017 until April 3, 2017, we traveled to selected cities in New Zealand. We had previously been to New Zealand twice and rather than redo a ‘Grand Tour’, we chose to spend time in 4 major areas. Our chosen locations were Dunedin, Christchurch, Nelson and Napier in that order. During the trip, we posted news and photos on two occasions and these posts can be reviewed here: Our First Posting and Our Second Posting

The Oregon Coast

We made a Spark presentation about our trip to the Oregon coast. This was an experiment to test this method of presentation and you can see it here. Oregon Coast Slides


Iceland Travel

We arrived in Iceland in September 2015 and traveled with our tour guide, Oli, along the Southern Coast for 8 days. We learned many things about his native country including that it has been settled since about 900 AD by Northern European folks whom we think of as Vikings. Mostly they were farmers who sometimes took to the seas for plunder and adventure but have mostly been ignored by modern history. They gained their independence from Norway in 1944. They work hard in a harsh environment and as a people seem very successful at maximizing what a challenging environment offers. Their power is geothermal, they tend sheep, horses and cattle which are livestock that can survive on the sparse vegetation on the lava plains that the volcanoes have created. Fishing is also an important activity for those near the coast. Here are a few pictures of this beautiful country. Here is a link to a short video we posted on youtube: Youtube Video of Iceland



New York City

Beginning October 15, we spent a week in New York City. In addition to enjoying the pleasure and excitement of this wonderful place, we went to 4 musicals; Kinky Boots, The Book of Mormon, Lion King and the Jersey Boys. Each was spectacular in their own way.

Nothing  beats pastrami on rye in NYC

Forty-three years ago we went to New York to see the sights and we promised that we would return. It took awhile but it was worth the wait. Maybe we will go sooner next time.IMG_0750IMG_0745_2 IMG_0741_2

Newfoundland 2014

Gananoque-4Lobster Cove






On July 6th 2014, we left Boise to drive to Newfoundland. We arrived on July 20 with a several day stop in Ontario with friends Dawne and Ray. We stayed in Newfoundland for 6 weeks and had friends Neil and Judy visit us from New Mexico and Sue’s cousin Jinny and her husband Ian visit us during our stay. Among many highlights was the time we spent with Sue’s brother, Dick and her niece, Stephie and her husband, Gil and their children Oliver and Shay. We also enjoyed the company of Sue’s other niece, Sarah and her husband Michael as well as seeing old friends, Emir and Steve, Maeve, Clar and Kathy, from our younger days when we lived in Newfoundland.

Here is a link to many additional photos we took both during the trip and on our way to and fro.

Costa Rica 2014

In Mid February, we flew to San Jose Costa Rica for a couple of weeks. We have a nice link to the pictures we took as we enjoyed the warmth and exotic climate of this friendly country.

Here is a link to our photos from the trip



The three brothers

photoA nice photo of myself, Randy from Oak Harbor and David here in Boise. We went out for a breakfast buffet before Randy returned home to Washington state.


My brother and I visit our California cousins


My brother, Randy, came down to Boise for a visit and we then traveled to visit our two cousins in Loomis, California. With them, we spent time hanging out and visiting San Francisco and Sacramento. We had not seen each other for 15 years and it was great to reestablish connections. with Bruce and Joel and their wives, Judith and Mary Jo. Here is Randy with Bruce and Joel at their salvage and towing business in Loomis.


Randy and I at Fisherman’s wharf in San Francisco.