The three brothers

photoA nice photo of myself, Randy from Oak Harbor and David here in Boise. We went out for a breakfast buffet before Randy returned home to Washington state.


My brother and I visit our California cousins


My brother, Randy, came down to Boise for a visit and we then traveled to visit our two cousins in Loomis, California. With them, we spent time hanging out and visiting San Francisco and Sacramento. We had not seen each other for 15 years and it was great to reestablish connections. with Bruce and Joel and their wives, Judith and Mary Jo. Here is Randy with Bruce and Joel at their salvage and towing business in Loomis.


Randy and I at Fisherman’s wharf in San Francisco.

Aberdeen Oil Development


Aberdeen is an old sea port but has recently become the center for the high tech development of oil recovery in the North Sea. There is a marked contrast between new and old.

Sue at the University of Aberdeen.


Sue at the entrance to Kings College at the University of Aberdeen.

Kings College in Aberdeen


Kings College at the University of Aberdeen. This 500 year old University was where Sue’s father was a professor of French.

Sue in Union Terrace Gardens in Aberdeen


Sue in Union Terrace Gardens in Aberdeen. Sue recalled playing here when she was a child.

Cousin Michael


Michael is Sue’s cousin and he peers out from behind a stone at the Rollright Stones.

The Rollright Stones


The Rollright Stones are a 5000 year old circle that perhaps performed a similar function as Stonehenge.

The Snooty Fox


The Snooty Fox, a Tetbury pub with good beer on tap and fine meat pies and fish and chips.

An english home with a thatched roof.