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Sue in Union Terrace Gardens in Aberdeen

Sue in Union Terrace Gardens in Aberdeen. Sue recalled playing here when she was a child.

Our associations with Switzerland are strongly tied to mountains but the lakes are equally beautiful and scenic. Major cities are situated here.

Mountains near Zermat

Our next stay is in Tasch, a small town that is the jumping off point for Zermat. Here at a small and traditional style hotel, we have stinging nettle soup. It is delicious and not at all fiery like the

St Moritz and Lake Lugano

As we travel to the scenic sites, we will leave Switzerland And enter Liechtenstein and Italy. We will cross the Swiss and Italian border three different times. Our first night is spent in St Moritz. This trendy ski resort is quiet this

Zurich, Switzerland

We traveled from Paris to Zürich, Switzerland on a high-speed train at 305 km/h. That converts to 190 mph. It took us four hours to make the trip across France and into Switzerland. In all likelihood, we traveled faster by

Pick-pockets and Hustlers

We had some excitement here with street hustlers and pickpockets. While riding on a crowded metro car, Sue noticed a young woman moved her hand while it was hidden behind the purse covering the front of her body. Sue shifted

Paris photos

We have just spent five pleasant days in Paris. Three were in the company of Sue’s cousin, Jinny and her husband, Ian who came across the channel from Great Britain. While we went to a museum on impressionism, our time

Paris at last

We started our day with a visit to the Louvre. The building is unequaled with its world famous examples of art and sculpture. We took photos of many of the paintings and statues that we see in art books. The

Driving into Paris

Generally driving in France was a pleasant experience. Contrary to our fears, other drivers tend to give-way and assist merging and turning traffic. On narrow roads, these are survival behaviors.   However, at the end of our week of renting

Giverny and Vernon

On our way to Paris, we stopped here to visit the home and gardens once owned by Claude Monet. The 150 year old place looked to us like the very same scenes depicted in his impessionistic paintings. The flowers were