Iceland Travel

We arrived in Iceland in September 2015 and traveled with our tour guide, Oli, along the Southern Coast for 8 days. We learned many things about his native country including that it has been settled since about 900 AD by Northern European folks whom we think of as Vikings. Mostly they were farmers who sometimes took to the seas for plunder and adventure but have mostly been ignored by modern history. They gained their independence from Norway in 1944. They work hard in a harsh environment and as a people seem very successful at maximizing what a challenging environment offers. Their power is geothermal, they tend sheep, horses and cattle which are livestock that can survive on the sparse vegetation on the lava plains that the volcanoes have created. Fishing is also an important activity for those near the coast. Here are a few pictures of this beautiful country. Here is a link to a short video we posted on youtube: Youtube Video of Iceland