Newfoundland 2014

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On July 6th 2014, we left Boise to drive to Newfoundland. We arrived on July 20 with a several day stop in Ontario with friends Dawne and Ray. We stayed in Newfoundland for 6 weeks and had friends Neil and Judy visit us from New Mexico and Sue’s cousin Jinny and her husband Ian visit us during our stay. Among many highlights was the time we spent with Sue’s brother, Dick and her niece, Stephie and her husband, Gil and their children Oliver and Shay. We also enjoyed the company of Sue’s other niece, Sarah and her husband Michael as well as seeing old friends, Emir and Steve, Maeve, Clar and Kathy, from our younger days when we lived in Newfoundland.

Here is a link to many additional photos we took both during the trip and on our way to and fro.