Author: Gary Payne

The three brothers

A nice photo of myself, Randy from Oak Harbor and David here in Boise. We went out for a breakfast buffet before Randy returned home to Washington state.  

My brother and I visit our California cousins

My brother, Randy, came down to Boise for a visit and we then traveled to visit our two cousins in Loomis, California. With them, we spent time hanging out and visiting San Francisco and Sacramento. We had not seen each

Orleans, France and vicinity

Orleans is the birthplace of Joan of Arc and the city is celebrating the 600th anniversary of her birth. Orleans has excellent public transportation and is an exciting mix of an old town with narrow streets and a modern central

Headed for Paris via Munich

After getting off the boat, we traveled by train to Munich Germany. Here we had a six hour wait for our train to Paris. in order to pass the time, we hopped aboard a tour bus and saw the major

Bicycling into the town of Melk, Austria

Our bicycle trip today was through the rolling hills of the wine country in Austria. On both sides of the path vineyard’s stretch high up onto the rocky hillsides. We past several old castles and thru villages that have existed

Back to Vienna, Austria

Wow! what an amazing place. This city has so many giant public buildings and monuments that it will take a week to see what is here. This was a favorite city of people with only one name. Mozart, Chopin, Schubert,

Cycling in Hungary

Our bicycle trip today is from Visigard to Estergom; both are small cities in Hungary. Hungary is not a member of the European union so we convert our money into florens at the rate of 1 to 250. We have

Budapest, Hungary

We had a day of rest in Budapest. A city with many incredible public buildings but it has portions that need renovation. Everything seems cheaper here but one gets the feeling that the economy is marginal. It is amazing that

Entry into Slovakia

Today, we bicycled from Vienna 70km and entered Slovakia. We rode past the now abandoned border checkpoint and ignored the old bunkers and barb wire. Our journey to Bratislava took about 4 hours but the weather was perfect with cloudy

Day One on the River and then on the Bike

We left Passau in the evening and spent the night at Engelhartszell, Austria. From here we began a 40 km cycle trip for the day. We were briefed on the route but the trip is unguided so we do our